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Today, Ryan and Alysia interview business moguls Jonathan & Rennai Kelly on the importance of having multiple streams of income. Jonathan & Rennai are successful small business owners, who have established several businesses while growing their young family. Join the show to hear how they took one business and grew it into multiple streams of income.

Quick Episode Summary 

  • A tribute to Chadwick Boseman – 5:56¬†
  • The importance of multiple streams of income – 26:20
  • How to get into real estate – 31:35¬†
  • How to successfully manage multiple streams of income – 37:37
  • Every marriage is unique – 48:00

To learn more about Jonathan and to achieve financial freedom visit theprofitmoguls.com. To get the real about real estate deals reach out to Rennai at myregalhome.com. Be sure to visit their online apparel and merchandise shop at livetocreateclothing.com. Contact Jonathan at 850-980-4925, jkelly00@ft.newyorklife.com / Contact Rennai at 850-528-5843, rennai@myregalhome.comyregalhome.com