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Today, Ryan and Alysia share insight on how to support your spouse’s dreams without losing your own identify in the process. Gospel recording Artist Uncle Reece and his wife Kerri Hicks join the show to share their lessons learned about being married and being business partners in the gospel music industry.

Quick Episode Summary 

  • Stepping outside of your comfort zone – 7:20
  • How to support each other’s vision without losing your own identify – 20:00
  • Stop trying to seem successful but instead focus on being successful – 28:44  
  • Just because you’re right doesn’t mean you have to say it – 39:48
  • A guaranteed way to end any argument – 47:03 

Follow Uncle Reece on social media @UncleReece. Or visit unclereece.com for more information. Kerri Hicks can be found on social media @Vivasede. Be sure to visit Without Jesus I Suck for apparel.