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Today, Ryan and Alysia interview Public Speaker & Wealth Advisor, Carlos Dias Jr., on how to sustain your business in the midst of adversity. Carlos and his wife, Lauren, have been in business together for 15 years and have been featured in Forbes, Bloomberg, and the Wall Street Journal. They have an inspiring story about how to build a business that can withstand any business environment. 

Quick Episode Summary 

  • Being overwhelmed is the abundance of what you asked for – 4:58
  • Every business needs a succession plan – 15:21
  • How to manage being parents and being business owners – 20:30  
  • Steps to gaining credibility in your industry – 33:00
  • Establish a team of advisors to help deal with adverse situations – 43:30

Follow Carlos Dias Jr. on social media @CarlosDiasJr or visit https://carlosdiasjr.com/ for more information. Be sure to visit their financial advisory website at https://diaswealth.com/ for ways to partner with their wealth management business.