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Today, Ryan and Alysia interview Chi & Maurice Reed, accomplished entrepreneurs and pastors who have recently opened a brick & mortar business in the middle of the pandemic. Chi, a Breakthrough & Endurance Coach, and Maurice, a Master Chef, share their journey of trying to launch a new business when the whole world seems to be on hold. Join the podcast to hear their inspiring story about how nothing was going to stop the vision and purpose God has given them.

Quick Episode Summary 

  • Focus more on your reasons, than your excuses – 4:41
  • Obedience is the key – 13:05
  • Keep your eyes on God and off the situation – 22:12 ¬†
  • Stand in faith and seek God for the right timing – 25:09
  • Get help and don’t try to do it on your own – 36:32

Follow Chi T (Mathias Reed) on social media @ChiTMathias or visit their ministry website http://www.agapeparadigmministries.org for more information. Be sure to visit Master Chef Maurice at Possh314 for all your catering needs. If you are in the greater Atlanta area, don’t forget to check out Unity Grounds.¬†