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Today, Ryan and Alysia share their entrepreneurial journey and some of the business failures along the way. Our hosts list out important tools and the mindset that can help you move pass disappointment in business. Join the show to hear how Ryan & Alysia learned from their losses and turned them into wins.

Quick Episode Summary 

  • Our motives matter – 2:43¬†
  • Learn to manage your expectations – 11:05
  • Fail forward and fail fast – 15:45
  • Don’t be afraid to let go of what was – 23:04
  • Often rejection is God’s protection – 38:44

To learn more about Ryan and Alysia’s businesses that did not work visit Inspire Christianity and see the shoes that did not sell but still glorified God. Be sure to check out the Tallahassee Dreams mini doc to get the whole story on why Ryan did not make it to the NFL. It highlights that you are more than what you do and our failures are just another way for God to show us His strength.¬†